Saturday, September 19, 2015

September Ipsy review

Face Fashion
by ipsy

Fall is almost here...there's a slight chill is in the air...and makeup gets AWESOME! Today I am bringing you my September bag review-the first fall bag of the year! I'll be honest with you, my September bag wasn't all that great, but I have high hopes for the upcoming fall bags. Let's get started!

Yes, it's September and my Halloween decor is up. I'm a Halloween-a-holic. Don't judge me.

  • Formula X nail polish in the shade "Ignite" [$3.50] SAMPLE
I really love this deep cranberry wine shade for fall. Right now my fingers and toes are already done, but this may be the one item in my bag I can't wait to try!

  • Ipsy NYX 3 shadow palette [$6] Made for Ipsy-FULL SIZE
While I am not a fan of NYX eye shadows, these shades are very fall. They don't list names for the shades but I would say...#1-Shimmery golden taupe. #2-Shimmery bronze. #3-Matte black. I also think it's neat this palette is only available through Ipsy.

  • Vasanti "Brighten Up" exfoliating cleanser [$5] SAMPLE
I won't use this product and it's the 3rd time I've received it from a sub. STAAAAHP!

  • First Aid Beauty (FAB) ultra repair cream [$5.76] SAMPLE
Another product I won't use. Hooray.

  • Tre'Stique mini matte lip crayon "Nantucket Nude" [$10] SAMPLE
I think this product might get some use. This year I've really been reaching for nude shades a lot. Perfect for toning down a bold eye :) And since it's a mini, it's great for throwing in your purse for on the go use.

I redeemed my points for this product, 250 to be exact, and it's a total bummer! It's a Luxie eye shadow pan in #290. [$6]
The left was the photo Ipsy displayed when advertising the product. It looks like a cranberry plum right? The photo on the right is the stock photo from Luxie's site and the true color of the item. It's a grayish purple. And to quote my husband, it looks like a bruise on. haha. 

This bag contained 2 products I will use, and only one full sized product this time. The bag isn't ugly, but it's certainly not my favorite they've put out. 

Total bag value: $39.26 (with $3 figured in for the bag, which is what they normally sell for)

Considering I only paid $10, this is still a pretty great deal, but I've certainly had better months. On to further fall bags! Tell me what you got this month and how you felt about your Ipsy bag as a whole. I love hearing from you guys!

-Sammi Cupcake

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