Sunday, February 26, 2017

The cupcake is back?? GIVEAWAY

Hey cupcakes. I feel like I happily fell back into my identity. Last year when I purchased my first ever domain, I was known as "Sammi Cupcake" which feels correct, you know? But someone else apparently had the domain, so I used Sami Fish.  I noticed was available last week so I ditched the "Sami Fish" and bided my time until I could snatch it up and here we are!

I mean, I have a cupcake tattoo. I HAVE to be Sammi Cupcake.

So let's celebrate! Not only did I finally get my hands on, ALSO we hit 100 cupcakes (subscribers) this week so let's have a fun GIVEAWAY! Here's how to enter!

  • You can either pick one of my blog posts to share, or simply share the new somewhere on social media! (Don't forget to screenshot it, you'll need proof if you win!)
  • Be a subscriber!
  • Comment on this post.
I'll pick a winner one week from today to win a box containing Fortune Cookie Soap items, some makeup goodies, and some yummy sweets as well. Contest will be closed and winner chosen one week from today. (Sunday, March 5th) Good luck cupcakes!

-Sammi Cupcake

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Grey Stuff-FCS


At the Fortune Cookie Soap spring 2017 launch, the first 50 VIP members who checked out with this "grey stuff" in their cart were promised a surprise product!

I was one of the lucky ones who got it and all my goodies came in the mail today. Here's what it is!

It's a body frosting called "Grey Stuff."  Shannon (our fairy soap mother!) describes the scent as "Refreshing hibiscus tea infused with sweet berries and a sprinkle of delicate rose petals." I get a fresh berry scent from it, and the consistency of the product itself is to die for!

Here is the rest of my spring 2017 order.

I liked the scent "Tame The Beast" just a bit...can you tell? haha. Comment below and tell me what scent you ordered the most of, and if you got the "grey stuff" and what you thought about it! Also, don't forget to subscribe so you'll be one of the first "in the know" as well!

-Sammi Cupcake

P.S. My subscriber count currently sits at 80. When I reach 100, I'll do a beauty/Fortune Cookie Soap giveaway to anyone subscribed! Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your neighbors...come subscribe here ( and you may just be the lucky winner!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Tattoo Tag

Hey cupcakes! I've been wanting to do this "tattoo tag" for a while now. Tattoos are sort of a passion of mine. I'm up to 13 currently and if I have it my way, that number will only grow over time! Let's begin.

  • How many tattoos do you have? 13 and counting. 
  • What's your favorite tattoo? Probably this one: 
It's for my Grandma (which I call "Nanny.") She loves lady bugs and used to call me "lady bug" when I was little. Also it has her handwriting underneath it that says "Believe in yourself."
  • How old were you when you got your first tattoo? About 21. My first daughter was born five weeks prior. It's a sparrow with her name under it. A foot tattoo for your first one is a bold move, haha.

  • What do your parents think about your tattoos? They've definitely changed their opinions a lot over the years. When I was 18 my Dad told me if I got a tattoo, I had to move out. He now has a tattoo bigger than any of mine. My Mom also brags on my tattoos a lot and has two of her own. I never would've seen that coming. 
  • Does your boyfriend like your tattoos? If so, what's his favorite? My husband does like my tattoos, a lot of them were bought from him as gifts. My lady bug is his favorite as well. He says it's like art work on my arm.
  • Did you always have a love for tattoos and what's your inspiration? I think so. I started wanting one at about 16 years old. Most of my tattoos are inspired by my family. I have one for both of my daughters, my Nanny and great Grandma, my Mom, my husband, and even my cat, lol.

  • Do you plan on getting more tattoos in the future? I do! I have specific plans for at least 4 more right now. 
  • Which tattoo would you say was the most painful? The ones on the top of both of my feet. I have a rainbow on one foot and the sparrow pictured above on the other. 
  • Do you regret any of your tattoos? I had one that had to be covered up, but I don't have any I regret currently. 
  • What was your least painful tattoo? My anchor on my thigh. I couldn't feel it at all, and I actually fell asleep while it was being done. None of them were all that bad besides my feet though.
That's it for me guys! Feel free to do the tattoo tag yourself in the comments, or simply comment and tell me your favorite tattoo. Love you guys!

-Sammi Cupcake

Monday, February 13, 2017

February 2017 BoxyCharm

Would You Be My Galentine?

Hey cupcakes! Today I got my second ever Boxycharm box in the mail and surprising no one, it's another home run. The theme this month is "Would you be my Galentine?" and like my first box, I got a lot of things I really like and will actually use. Let's get into it!

First of all, for those of you wondering, this is the 0.8lb/0.36kgs box.

Here's what I got:

  • Omnia Eye Kit (Blend and Shade brushes) $29.98
  • 2 Makeup Geek pan shadows (Shades: Creme brulee & Bitten) $12
  • The Reflecting Gloss (Shade: Fig) $15
  • Dr Brant Microdermabrasion $79
  • Small Z Palette $14
All items are full size and the box total is $149.98. I really love the products I got but funny story-literally a week before the products were announced I bought my first Z palette and some ColourPop shadows...two of four the CP shadows I bought are nearly identical to the Makeup Geek ones I got. (See below photo)

At least I know they're sending me stuff I like, haha.  I am really happy with the switch to Boxycharm and I can't wait to see what next month brings! CLICK HERE to experience the March Boxycharm box with me!

-Sammi Cupcake

P.S. The box included a 25% Dr Brandt code, so feel free to use mine! BOXY25

Monday, February 6, 2017

Fortune Cookie Soap Spring Box 2017

Be Our Guest
2017 Spring Soap Box

Fortune Cookie Soap started out as my favorite subscription and quickly became an addiction. This is their soap box for the Spring 2017 season themed "Be Our Guest." It contains 8 sample sized products to allow you to try the upcoming scents and products before anyone else, and allows you to be a more informed shopper on their launch party. The launch for this collection is February 17th at 6pm on their Facebook page. In addition to the super cute products you get to sample, you also get a $10 discount code to use towards any of your favorites! 

(Click to enlarge if you'd like!)

Magic Mirror-OCD Hand Sanitizer (Peach, watermelon, honeyed neroli)
First of all, I LOVE the look of this OCD. It's a really pretty silver with glitter. While I don't usually love fruit scents, I could see me wearing this fresh fruit scent head to toe in the spring. Also, to save you a google search, neroli is the blossom of a bitter orange tree. 

Bonjour-Whipped Cream (Tea leaves, lemon)
I want to love this scent but it's SO strong. It smells like Brisk tea to me. It's very true to it's scent description as well, the initial smell I get is the tea but as it mellows down the lemon comes through. 

Enchanted Rose-Fortune Cookie Soap (Rose petals, violets, woody vanilla)
Can we just talk about how ADORABLE this cookie is? Violet is the top note for me and I think this is a scent Belle herself would wear! 

Beauty-Lip Tint (Tangerine, vanilla) I believe this is the first time Fortune Cookie Soap has ever done a tinted lip balm, and I was pushing for this product so I'm stoked! The tint is very subtle but present. If you loved "Shark Bait," you'll go crazy over this scent.  

There's Something Sweet-Perfume Oil (Rice flower blossoms, spring rain)
It may be because I'm suffering from a head cold, but this scent triggered a headache for me. It's very floral.   

Lumiere-Candle (Blackberries, tart apple, magnolia, sugar)
This is my first ever FCS candle to try, so I'm super excited to see it in the box! The scent is really light and pleasant. I want to try this scent in other products to get a better grasp of the scent.  

Tame The Beast-Detangler (Black cherries, patchouli, sandalwood)
This is the scent I was most looking forward to, and it did not disappoint! I need this scent in EVERYTHING. Every of the things.

Happily Ever After-Toner Tablet (Bergamot, sweet mandarin, grapefruit)
For me, this is top heavy with grapefruit so it's not a scent I love, but I'm excited to try this product which I believe is another first for FCS. 

If you subscribe to this box, comment below and tell me which scent was your favorite! I'm head over heels for the "Tame The Beast" scent. If you haven't done so already, please hit that subscribe button! It helps me to be able to bring you more fun posts like this one. 

for 25% off your first Fortune Cookie Soap purchase.

-Sami Fish

This box was sent to me free of charge for review purposes and contains my honest opinion of the products featured.