Tuesday, March 28, 2017

ColourPop pressed powder

Colour Pop pressed powders

As most of you probably know by now, ColourPop came out with pressed powder eye shadows which retail for $5 each. Here are the eight shades I bought. (L-R:) Pep Talk, Hear Me Out, Fire Fly, Bel Air, Made To Last, Dreamboat, Paper Tiger, and Cute Alert.

Here are swatches of the shades I bought. I really like these but I doubt I'll buy more unless they make another shade that just completely blows me away. The eight shade z-palette seen above cost me $40 and that's just a bit much for me. That being said, I do feel like they are good quality and very pigmented and I'm glad they're in my collection! Have you purchased any? Feel free to comment down below your thoughts and which shades are your favorites. I find myself reaching for Bel Air and Hear Me Out the most.

-Sammi Cupcake

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

March Boxy Charm

Creepy Cute

Hey cupcakes! So if you know me at all, you know I DIED when I saw the March theme, "Creepy Cute." Boxy Charm did a pretty swell job! Here is my box.

  • Smashbox photo finish primer $16. Although I haven't had a chance to try this on my face yet, I have tried some on the back of my hand and I have high hopes! It made my hand really soft.
  • Crown Brush fan brush $18.99. This brush is pretty soft and seems to be good quality, but I don't know what I would use it for. 
  • Naked Cosmetics urban rustic palette $39.99. I can't makeup my mind about this palette. I think I might use it some in the fall, but that's five months away. I'm not sure if I'll hang on to it that long.

(Swatches of the palette and lippies)
  • RealHer matte liquid lipstick "I am a rock star" $15. I'm definitely a fan of the consistency and staying power of it, and I think the color will be one I'll reach for as well.
  • RealHer lip liner "I am loved" $12.50. The lip liner perfectly matches the lipstick so I'm sold. 

All items are full size and the box total is $102.48 and included three products I'll use. With the theme being "creepy cute," I would've loved to see maybe a black or "vampire" colored lip product, definitely could have used a black liner...but I feel like they did the best that would appeal to most people. CLICK HERE to experience next month's Boxy Charm with me!

-Sammi Cupcake

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Unicorn Brushes

Hey cupcakes! I'm a complex girl. I eat, sleep, and breath the color black. I also like rainbows, cupcakes (duh), and unicorns. Today we are addressing the latter part of myself! I've been seeing these "unicorn brushes" all over the internet, and even though I DEFINITELY don't need any more brushes, I had to have these!

I got them on Amazon for $12.99. They are made by Sela and it is a five piece set. The Amazon listing does not supply what these brushes should be/are made to be used for but I'd say you get a contour brush, an eye shadow blending brush, a blush brush, and two that could be foundation/kabuki brush.

Let me tell you, they are SO soft and do I even have to mention how beautiful they are? The handles are a pastel lavender. The brush itself is an off-white/ivory with rainbow coloring all through-out. I upped the contrast on this picture so you can make out the coloring. 

I used them today and for an "aesthetic buy," these are great brushes. As I mentioned above, the are really soft and I haven't had any shed on me either. I also tugged on the part where the silver and actual brush handle meet (where you'd expect separation if any occurred) and I couldn't get any movement-so I believe these are some really solid, really cute brushes! 

CLICK HERE to be directed to the Amazon listing to purchase your own set.

-Sammi Cupcake

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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

How to subscribe

Hello friends! A very lovely subscriber of mine, Rachel E., suggested that I posted a tutorial explaining how to subscribe and receive notifications when I post new blog entries. I'll admit, while Blogspot is an easy interface for me to use, it's definitely not the easiest to grow with!

From my understanding, (and feel free to correct me, because I'd LOVE to be wrong about this) but I believe you can only subscribe via Blogspot if you're a Gmail user. To be honest, my main e-mail isn't even hosted through Gmail. However, here is all the information I know, and I could find, about making my content easier for you to find!

First of all, here is how to become a subscriber/follower:
Click that button that says "Follow." This is probably the easiest way!

Also, you can stay updated with my blog with the "Reading List" feature recently added to the blogger dashboard. The "Blogs I'm Following" tab automatically shows the latest posts from all the blogs you follow. You can follow any blog from your reading list, just click the "Add" button and type in my URL. ( www.SammiCupcake.com )

I've highlighted in the photo for you where you click on the left hand side to access your reading list and then how to add blogs.

I hope this helps, cupcakes! If you have any other suggestions, please comment down below! If you aren't already, please hit that subscribe button and join our sweet family.

-Sammi Cupcake