Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Fortune Cookie Soap Summer 2016 Soap Box

Fortune Cookie Soap

 Just Keep Swimming 

Summer 2016

AHHH...Fortune Cookie Soap Box review time! I can hardly make myself wait to get in the door to tear open the box and this one has most definitely been worth the wait!  The one we'll be reviewing today is Summer 2016, themed "Just Keep Swimming."  This subscription box retails for $19.99, shipping included, and comes with a $10 gift code. Unlike monthly subscription boxes, this one is sent out seasonally, and includes between 8-10 sample products that will be featured in their launch.

Shark Bait-Fortune Cookie Soap (oranges, vanilla ice cream, sandalwood, strawberry)
Two words. SO. GOOD. It's like a sophisticated creamsicle with a pop of fruitiness. You guys are going to die for this one. By the way, my fortune reads "Gimme some fin." Cute!

Lil' Blue-OCD Hand Sanitizer (Pear, apples, plum blossom, sandalwood, amber)
Lil' Blue is a very fresh smell that would be a great perfume oil. Sandalwood and amber are the top notes but you definitely get the hint of non-traditional fruitiness. 

INTERVENTION!-Whipped Cream (Coconut milk, pineapple, island breeze)
Intervention is by leaps and bounds my favorite scent of the box, and probably in my top 10 all time favorite FCS scents. It's like a coconut and pineapple milk shake. The product card jokes that "FCS products are for your skin, not your mouth" which is a good reminder because this absolutely smells good enough to eat!

Whale Talk-Perfume Oil (Strawberries, black currant, jasmine, grapefruit, avocado )
Grapefruit, jasmine, and black currant are the top notes in this scent to me. It's a very complex, heavy fragrance that smells expensive.  I'm sure will be a lot of people's favorite.

Jellyman-Don't Be Jelly Soap (Black cherry, watermelon, guava nectar, strawberry, key lime) All of the fragrances blend together so beautifully, I can't pick a headliner. All I can say is that it is fruity goodness!

Aqua Scum-Spray Lotion (lychee, apple, peach nectar)
While I don't exactly know what a lychee smells like, I assume that is the top note in this scent, followed by apple and little to no detectable peach nectar. The product is very moisturizing and the scent is very unique and pleasant to the nose.

Oooooooooh...Barracuda-Lip Gloss (cantaloupe, green honeydew, watermelon, lime, raw cane sugar )
I believe this is the first lip gloss we've received packaged this way and it is straight watermelon yumminess! The scent is a perfect choice for summer!

Fin. Noggin. Duuude.-Pedi-Bomb (Lemon fizzy pop, orchid, white chocolate)
My poor turtle didn't survive the trip :( but it's 7-up with a hint of white chocolate floating in the background. It shouldn't work but it so does.

If you subscribe to this box, comment and tell me which scent was your favorite! Intervention! (the whipped cream) and Shark Bait (Fortune Cookie Soap) are the scents I love the most, but the collections scents as a whole are so cohesive.

Unfortunately this soap box is sold out, as Fortune Cookie Soap is such a fast growing business; however if any of those scents sound like something you would enjoy, visit their on Friday, May 20th at 6pm CST for the launch of this collection.

--This soap box was provided to me free of charge for my unbiased, honest review.--

Thursday, April 21, 2016

May Ipsy Sneak Peek

So it looks like this month we have:

  • IT cosmetics no-tug waterproof eye liner
  • Smashbox X-Rated mascara
  • Glamglow supermud clearing treatment
Which one would you be excited to see in your Glam bag? I LOVE the Glamglow products but I wouldn't be against the idea of a waterproof liner in my bag either. It looks like from the image the theme may be travel related as well. Don't forget guys...

-Sami Fish

Thursday, April 14, 2016

April Ipsy Review

  • Starlooks cream eyeshadow "Rose Gold"  [Appx $5] SAMPLE 5*
I was expecting to trade away this one, as I'm not a huge fan of cream shadows, but I really like the color I got and the staying power is AMAZING. I can't even scrub this stuff off. It's looking like I may be buried in rose gold shadow at this point. [Use code Ipsy0416 for 15% off any purchase]

  • Tarte Cosmetics Lip Surgence lip creme "Wonder" [Appx $10] SAMPLE 1*
I'm a pretty big fan of Tarte as a company, but this product is not my favorite. I don't love the color nor the consistency or staying power (it wipes right off). I could do without this one. [Use code Ipsyapr for 20% off any purchase]

  • Moroccanoil Treatment [Appx $4.40] SAMPLE 1*
I can't comment on how well this product works or anything because the truth is, I won't use it. My hair gets oily easy. I gave it one star because I have indicated to Ipsy I don't want hair products like this and reviewed all products like this negatively yet I keep getting them. [Use code Ipsytote for a free tote with any purchase] 

  • Jor'el Parker fango face mask [Appx $3.85] SAMPLE 1*
Another one I won't use :( It's kind of a bummer that they are supposed to go by your profile but I keep getting hair products and skin care stuff I have marked I won't use and review negatively. One star here as well. [Use code Ipsy for 30% off any purchase]

  • Luxie Beauty highlighter brush [$24] FULL SIZE 4*
This is really awesome to receive in my bag, it's a high end brush, and I love all things highlight related, but right now I am using a creme highlight so I can't really put the brush to use. It's SO soft and great quality. [Use code Ipsyluxie for 30% off]

As for the bag itself, I gave it two stars. It's not hideous or anything, but the blue...yellow...and orange tie dye is really not my style. Out of a possible 30 stars for this month's glam bag, I gave it 14. 


Total bag value: $50.25 (with $3 figured in for the bag, which is what they normally sell for.)

This month was pretty "meh" for me. I didn't like things I was really looking forward to, and I ended up very impressed with something I wasn't at all excited about. What was your favorite thing in your Ipsy this month?

-Sami Fish

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Fortune Cookie Soap Alternative Uses

Hey guys! This blog is brought to you by my 8 year old daughter with stomach troubles who got sick in my car twice. :/ The smell was horrendous, and I couldn't think of a way to get rid of it, then I remembered the incense cones I got in a recent FCS collection. I put one on a ceramic plate on my dashboard and rolled up all the windows. Today my car smells AMAZING, not even a hint of the sick smell, so that gave me this idea to post other alternative uses for Fortune Cookie Soap products.

Tip #1:
Conditioner bars can be used as a "shave lotion" when you shave your legs.
Tip #2: Hydrate Me's can double as a lightly scented perfume.

Tip #3: Incense Cones and linen spray can be used remove tough smells from your vehicle.

Tip #4: Shampoo bars are amazing for cleaning makeup brushes!. (-Gabriella N.)

Tip #5: Bath tea's can be used in a foot bath to infuse your pedicures with essential oils, sea salt, and oatmeal if you are a shower girl. (-Katie B.)
Tip #6: Hair oil can be used as a makeup primer, but avoid your eyes! (-Flora S.)

Tip #7: Cuticle oil/butter can be used on any dry/rough spots such as elbows, feet, etc. (-Aisha Q.)

I hope you found these tips useful! If you have any alternative uses for Fortune Cookie Soap products, feel free to comment and share your tips.

-Sami Fish

-- Please note: These alternative uses are not FCS approved. Most suggestions are submitted by myself and fans of the company. Please be aware any alternative uses are done at your own risk --

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Wrestlemania Inspired Look

Hey fishies! Another one of my hobbies I don't discuss on here very often is wrestling. It's dorky...I know, but I love it. Today is WRESTLEMANIA and I decided to do a makeup look inspired by one of my favorite WWE Divas, Paige.

So here's the look. 

It's a dark smokey purple eye with glitter, paired with a fresh, pale face (which Mother nature was nice enough to provide-haha), and nude lips. Those of you who are watching, comment below and tell me which match you are most excited for and/or who your favorite diva is!

-Sami Fish