Monday, September 14, 2015

Cupcake Q&A

September Q & A

Hey cupcakes! So about a month ago, I asked you guys what kinds of blogs you would like to see this month and overwhelmingly you said a Q&A. So here it is...the first ever Sammi Cupcake Q&A.

"What is your go to to eliminate or reduce razor burn that won't break the bank?"

This is actually something I used to deal with a lot. The solution I found may not be practical for everyone, but this is what I do. I dry shave and I make sure no liquid touches my legs for about an hour afterwards. However, there are some other home remedies that will cut down on razor burn. You can apply aloe vera to the area after shaving, or make aspirin into a paste and apply it to the area for 10 minutes then rinse off.


"What top 3 items can you not live without?"

Black eye liner pens, Dr Jart BB cream, and dry shampoo. OBSESSED.


"You write a lot about Fortune Cookie Soap. What is your relationship with them?"

I am not employed or sponsored by them, I'm mostly just a huge fan. I do receive their seasonal soap boxes to review, but any other posts you see about them on my blog are just me "fan girling" lol. They are a company that really cares about their customers and the world as a whole, plus (in my humble opinion) your money can't buy better bath and body products!


"I love your brows. What product(s) do you use?"

Thank you! I use two different products, depending on the amount of time I have and the look I am trying to achieve. If I need it done quick/want a bold brow, I use the brow wax from ELF's brow kit in "dark brown." If I have more time to play around/want a more natural brow, I use IT cosmetics brow powder in the shade "taupe."


"What beauty subscriptions do you currently have, and what would you recommend to a makeup newbie?"

Currently, I am only subscribed to Ipsy and Fortune Cookie Soap. I recently went through and cancelled a few because I was just getting a lot of things I couldn't use and it was cluttering up my vanity/blog space. The subscription I recommend to everyone, either new with subscription services or new with makeup, is Ipsy. It's $10 a month, you get a makeup bag and 5 items that are generally mostly makeup.


"What made you want to be a beauty blogger?"

SO many reasons. One is, I actually went to college to be a writer. It was always my dream, but I am a terrible student and dropped out. Blogging allows me an outlet to write and express myself. Another reason is, I am a stay at home Mom of two girls and I just needed something for me. A place to go that is just mine where I can be a writer...a makeup enthusiast...just a person, and not "Mommy" for a minute :)


"Are you a fan of contouring, highlighting, strobing, etc?"

For me personally? Not really. I do a little highlighting if I am dressing up but not often. I am really pale, and I really haven't found a contour shade that doesn't make me look orange.

That's it cupcakes. Those are your questions for my first ever Q&A. I hope you enjoyed reading this and that you can get some use out of my answers to your questions. It was a lot of fun answering them. If you haven't already, please hit that "follow" button on the upper right hand corner of the page! We'd love to have you :)

-Sammi Cupcake

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