Sunday, May 29, 2016

June Ipsy Sneak Peek

First it just me or does the bag look straight out of the "Fresh Prince of Bel Air"? haha. We only get a look at two possible items from this months bag:
  • Urban Decay eyeshadow, offered in two shades. (Lounge: brick red with a green shift and Fireball:peach with a pink shift)  
  • The Balm "Meet Matt Trimony" matte eye shadow in the shade "Matt Kumar" which appears to be a reddish brown color.
To be honest, I'm hoping none of these are in my bag. The "the Balm" samples are notoriously tiny (usually a dime will cover your entire sample) and none of the shades featured are really my thing. I've disliked every bag since I purchased my yearly subscription. Whoops. lol

 Here's hoping the other items offered are more my style...I mean really...a red eye shadow with a green shimmer?? Hello Christmas...5 months early.

Get it together Ipsy!

-Sami Fish

Saturday, May 14, 2016

May Ipsy Review

May Ipsy Review

  • Epice hydrating mask  [$12.50] FULL SIZE 1*
Hey Ipsy, thanks for sending me, a person who has marked "oily skin," a hydrating mask. Really. [Use code Ipsy16 for 30% off any online purchase]

  • SLMissGlam small contour brush [Appx $13] PART OF A SET 5*
This brush seems to be very good in quality, and the purpose of the brush (contouring) is very modern and usable for most Ipsy users. I'm pretty happy to have received this one. [Use code SLIPSY25 for 25% off any purchase]

  • Smashbox X-Rated Mascara [Appx $7.33] SAMPLE 4*
I've heard nothing but good reviews out of this mascara. I won't use mine yet because I just opened a new mascara, but I can't wait to try it. Smashbox is a great brand and I've heard the mascara doesn't clump and stays on really well. [Use code Ipsy15 for 15% off your first purchase]

  • Neutrogena Moisturesmooth color stick "Almond Nude" [Appx $2.32] SAMPLE 1*
Although I normally like nude lippies, this one looks more like the shade of a contour stick. I don't think I'll get much use out of it. [Use code Ipsy for 20% off this product only]

  • Peek beauty lip plumping balm [Appx $4] SAMPLE 1*
Enough with this company and their microscopic samples already! This is the second product I've got from them and the amount of actual product you get could be covered by a dime. Also, I read that it doesn't plump your lips at all. [Use code Ipsy20 for 20% off]

As for the bag itself, although I'm not in love with the print or anything, I really like the way the bag is made with the button enclosure. I gave it three stars. Out of a possible 30 stars for this month's glam bag, I gave it 15. I'm really waiting for another Ipsy bag to blow me away.


Total bag value: $42.15 (with $3 figured in for the bag, which is what they normally sell for.)

I'm really waiting for another Ipsy bag to blow me away. I think from now on, unless anyone objects, I'm only going to review the Ipsy bags I like. Reviewing these ones I don't like is a bummer for me and it's becoming quite a chore. What was your favorite thing in your Ipsy this month?

-Sami Fish

Friday, May 6, 2016

Pale Princesses

Hey guys! I try not to post about things that don't work, but at the same time I want to always give you guys my honest opinion on products; so after much debating I decided to share my personal experience with my fellow pale princesses. The items we'll be reviewing today I've heard highly rated among others in the beauty community so I couldn't wait to try them for myself, considering "porcelain" shades are usually 1 or 2 shades too dark for me.

The products I'm talking about are Manic Panic's "Dreamtone" and StarGazer's white pressed powder. I spent about $15 on Amazon for the two products online. The day they were set to arrive in the mail, I waited to put on my makeup until they got here (which was 2pm) because I was just so excited to have something that would match my skin tone. It turned out to be a total bummer.

The foundation by itself is super thin, which was okay because I bought it with the intention of mixing it with my favorite foundation that is just a little bit too dark. It didn't mix well at all, and it just made a clumpy mess, which was even worse when applied. It was very patchy and uneven in application, and it felt like I was wearing stage makeup. I tried to apply the pressed powder over it, which just made things worse. It was thick and applied perhaps even more cakey than the foundation. This was the result within an hour of wear.

First of all, you guys better know I love you. This picture is super unflattering but I wanted to show you what I meant. As I hope you can tell...the color on my forehead is really patchy and cakey. It applied really thick under my eyes and didn't stay on my cheeks and nose well at all. Just a huge mess. I've had dollar foundations apply better and stay longer than these two.

So yeah...that's it for today guys. Stay away from these two disasters and save your money. Maybe one day makeup brands will realize us pale girls wear makeup too.

-Sami Fish

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Dem nails tho

Just a quick post to share some "nailspiration" with my fishies! This is how I got my nails and toes done yesterday. I love that it's all colors that could match with any outfit you choose...and I'm really loving nude nails right now. Comment and let me know your favorite spring nail trend. Happy Sunday.

-Sami Fish