Thursday, September 10, 2015

Jesse's Girl review (and deal!)

I love when I get to show you guys awesome products I personally use, and that is only made better when I can tell you about a great deal about the products I love. The product I have for you this week is the Jesse's Girl liquid liner. I wear it literally EVERY DAY. I have tried every liner you can think of, from super high end to store brand and nothing even touches this liner. It applies flawlessly and stays on all day long-you have to really scrub to get it off. Just to show you guys how amazing this product is, here's a video.

Seriously, let it dry for less than 30 seconds and it won't budge. So here's the good news...Ipsy is offering an IpsyMe deal today where you can get three of the liquid liners (black, blue, and dark brown) and a set of fashion lashes with glue for $16 with free shipping! That's a savings of about $10, and shipping if you order directly from, their shipping is kind of steep. If I remember correctly, it's like $6 or 7. So yeah, if you are a liner girl, definitely check out this deal!

-Sammi Cupcake

**Note, I am not sponsored by Ipsy or Jesse's Girl. I just love this product, and saw a great deal I wanted to bring you guys!**

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