Sunday, September 27, 2015

Monday Freebies 9.0

Hey cupcakes! I don't want to be the bad guy but this may be the last Monday freebies post. :( Last week I explained that these freebies take an hour or more to create, with all the time spent researching for good freebies and ensuring that all the freebies listed aren't scams and are still available at the time of redemption.

 I know everyone enjoys these posts (obviously, my freebie posts collectively have almost 5,000 views) but I need something small in return from you guys to make it worth while! I just need you to click the "follow" button in the right hand corner. It helps me in so many ways. Speaking in terms of sponsorships, item reviews, and paid ads...unfortunately the views do not count for much. These companies/people want to see subscribers. So I ask that you please do this one little thing for me, and I'll continue making these freebie posts for you! Win win! So go ahead and hit that follow button.

So now that we are past the unpleasantries, let's get to the free stuff! 

Yin Yang skincare samples

Lancome Foundation Sample

Request Zest body wash

Dry spray antiperspirant 

I hope you enjoy this weeks freebies and please hit that follow button up top so I can keep these coming! I hope you have a great week cupcakes. 

-Sammi Cupcake

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