Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Fortune Cookie Soap fall haul

"Old Hollywood"

  • American Royalty
Rose milk, thick honey, tobacco blossoms, caramel, and mandarin.

[Pomade] I ordered this scent in wax tarts, body wash, and whipped cream. The scent translates well into all products. (Note: if you loved The Hound from Winter is Coming, you'll love this one!)

  • Glitz & Glamour
Wet moss, polished wood, creamy vanilla.

[OCD] I purchased this scent in a wax tart and whipped cream. The hand sanitizer and whipped cream smell the same, however in the wax tart the "wet moss" is a lot more predominant.

  • Famous
Warm amber, wild orchid, white cotton, sundried herbs. 

[Wax tart] I actually ordered this in another wax tart because I loved the smell so much, but the wax tart I got smells slightly different than the one from the box. It smells a lot more like bubble gum.

  • Scandal
Creaking woods, wind blown leaves, rose thorns.

[Bath powder] I ordered this in a wax tart, it smells the least like the item in the box of all I ordered. It smelled so yummy and fall-like in the bath powder, in the wax tart it just smells like Big Red gum.

  • Pearls & Girls
Vanilla, wild jasmine, pear.

[Perfume oil] I bought this in a Fortune Cookie Soap, and it smells identical to the perfume oil.

  • Items I purchased not in the fall line
    -In The Loop wax tart.
    -Sally whipped cream
    -Mother of Dragons whipped cream

I am really happy with all of my purchases except for the Scandal wax tart. I can't imagine my whole house smelling like cinnamon gum, haha. But yeah, definitely look into this collection for fall. The collection is full of non-traditional fall scents. If you are new to Fortune Cookie soap, click the button below for $5 off your first purchase of $30. Happy fall, ya'll. 

-Sammi Cupcake

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