Wednesday, June 21, 2017

June 2017 BoxyCharm

Downtown Charm

Hey cupcakes! The June BoxyCharm theme is "Downtown Charm," and it is my favorite BoxyCharm box yet! I also got every single shade/product variation I wanted. Let's take a look:

  • RealHer eyeshadow pallete (II)$28. I heard a lot about how the color payoff wasn't good but they were pretty opaque when I swatched them, perhaps a couple colors were chalky, but very useable. I also got the shades I wanted!
  • Biobelle Cosmetics sheet masks (3 of them) $14.97. I haven't tried these, but I'm excited to use them. 

  • Diamond Glow Powder $26.99. Appropriately named, this highlight looks like tiny diamonds on your skin. 
  • Ofra Cosmetics liquid lipstick "Tuscany" $19.90. It applies smooth and dries down pretty quickly. I'm excited to use it. 
  • Luxie Beauty Rose Gold tapered face brush $24. My brush came bent and I'm not really sure what'd I'd use this for, but you can never have too many brushes right?

All items are full size and the box total is $113.86 and included at least three products I'll use.  CLICK HERE to experience next month's Boxy Charm with me!

-Sammi Cupcake

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