Saturday, July 1, 2017

VP Fashion Review

Hey friends! So about a month ago, I decided to cut my hair. In my experience, this is rarely a good idea. This idea turned out to be especially bad when my hair was cut 2-3 inches shorter than I wanted. I've been wanting to try VP Fashion extensions for quite some time now because a lot of my favorite Youtubers use them (especially ShanShortcake Beauty, and she's my favorite!) So this felt like a perfect time to try them out.

I bought the "Silver Series Colorful Clip In C057" in the length and weight of 14"/170G, which is described as their "thick" weight. I opted for a customized ombre proportion with a longer black panel, as my natural hair is black. Their customer service was very helpful, and my product was shipped and received within a week and a half of ordering.

To begin, let's take a look at my natural hair. It's a bob, and the section you're seeing is the longest part of my hair, which is approximately 10-11 inches. The back is very short, about 3-4 inches.

The extensions arrived straight (as requested and described), well packaged in a quality VP fashion box. Here is my first experience trying them on:

My first impression was that they are very soft and thick. They were easy to apply and blended well into my hair. I quickly learned that I prefer them curly, as they blend better into my natural hair. Lazy girl hack-if you curl them it will last at least three days!

I am NOT sponsored by VP Fashion (though I would like to be, hit me up VP Fashion!) and I paid full price with my own money for these, but I am totally in love. I am already planning on what set I want to buy next. I would recommend these to anyone from girls in situations like me who got a bad hair cut, to girls who just want to try out fun colored hair. Here's an insta-picture of me in them today:

I've got a lot of compliments on them, and I will absolutely be a repeat customer. Visit to get yours!

-Sammi Cupcake

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