Saturday, June 3, 2017

Ulta Haul

Hey cupcakes! I just wanted to share my Ulta haul with you guys, and my thoughts on all the products. I got Stila magnificent metals glitter & glow in "Smoldering Satin", the Naked basics palette, a NYX full coverage concealer, and a NYX stay matte but not flat powder foundation, for a total of $68.

My thoughts:

  • Stila magnificent metals glitter & glow in "Smoldering Satin." First of all, these are absolutely GORGEOUS. They apply easily, and I think they would be good for anyone beginner all the way up to pro. My only complaint is that the glitter in them tends to migrate on the eye throughout the day.
  •  The Naked basics palette. I have wanted this palette for YEARS and it was such a disappointment. The first three colors are very similar, and all the shades are chalky and difficult to blend. I'd take ColourPop shadows over these any day of the week.

  •  NYX full coverage concealer. The lightest shade offered isn't light enough for me, but I like the texture and coverage. I haven't been able to try it under my eyes yet, but for $5, even if it's just good to clean up my brows, I feel like it'll be worth what I paid.
  •  NYX stay matte but not flat powder foundation. The shade seems okay for me, but I would definitely not call this a foundation. The only way I'd feel comfortable wearing it is over a foundation.
So those are my thoughts, lovelies. Do you own any of these products? If so, what do you think about them? Don't forget to subscribe, dears.

-Sammi Cupcake

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