Thursday, November 3, 2016

Fortune Cookie Soap Winter Box 2016

Always Winter-OCD Hand Sanitizer (Evergreen fir needles, cinnamon, cranberries, apple cuts, and cedar wood)
Always Winter is reminiscent of "Oogie Boogie" from the Nightmare Before Christmas collection. It smells like Christmas, which I love. The only downside for me is the silver glitter which leaves a fair amount on your body when used-I could do without the glitter. 

Father Christmas-Whipped Cream (Winter air, blue juniper bush, frosty snow, iced vanilla cupcakes)
This one reminds me a lot of a previous scent as well, maybe Tommy guns and baseball bats but a little more minty?

Sweeties-Fortune Cookie Soap (Rosewater, pistachios, amaretto, buttery cookies)
This smell is really confusing to my kind of smells like rosewater and gummy bears mixed? 

Dream of a Dream-Dusting Powder (Lavender, vanilla, soft musk, patchouli) This scent is one I'm going to have to try in another product to make up my mind on it. The scent description sounds really good but I can't pick up on much from the dusting powder. 

Lion's Breath-Perfume Oil (Winter frost, fir needles, pomegranates)
My favorite scent of the collection-It's a wintery pomegranate scent that could almost be unisex. I love it.  

Hide and Seek-Whipped Soap (Dark chocolate, espresso beans, allspice, coconut cream)
I'm so excited to see whipped soap make a return! It is so light and fluffy, and the scent is a really nice blend of the dark chocolate, espresso, and coconut. 

Deep Magic-Shampoo Bar (Rosemary, fresh garden herbs, mint)
Maybe it's because it's 85 in NOVEMBER but the shampoo bar this time showed up kind of slimy. I'm really happy Fortune Cookie Soap offered a minty shampoo though because I know a lot of Fortune Freaks have been asking for it.

Small Favors-Pedi Bomb (Warm honey, tobacco pipe, spiced citrus)
I want to try this product in other scents as well, if you know me at all, you know I love anything tobacco scented! It smells like a more spicy version of "Grandpa Joe." I LOVE! 

If you subscribe to this box, comment and tell me which scent was your favorite! Lion's Breath (perfume oil) and Small Favors (pedi bomb) are my two favorites. 

I'm unaware if this soap box is still available for purchase, you can check by clicking here.  If you aren't able to get the soap box or love the scents so much you want full size products, visit their Facebook page (CLICK HERE for a direct link) on Friday, November 11th at 6pm CST for the launch of this collection.

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-Sami Fish

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