Tuesday, October 18, 2016

FCS "I put a spell on you" small box

Fortune Cookie Soap certainly did "put a spell on me" with this Hocus Pocus themed box! AHH! I love it. There were two sizes (and of course, I bought both. Hello...Hocus Pocus is my jam!) The one I'm showing you today is the small box.

"Good Zombie" aloe me body whip [White chocolate, candy apple, marshmallow cream, butterscotch] This one smells sort of like Tink to me with a punch of apple which I LOVE. The muted green color is to die for as well...pun intended.

"I Put A Smell On You"(PUNNY!) perfume oil [Cotton candy, sugar, dragons blood] This smells like a high end perfume you'd spend a lot of money on to be honest. I'm guessing dragons blood is the top note because it doesn't smell at all like a kid-scent you'd expect from cotton candy and sugar.

"Sistas" OCD hand sanitizer [Passion fruit, guava nectar, bubblegum] I'm not big on fruity smells but this is tame enough to be a crowd-pleaser. It's fruity and light and lacks the "punch in the face" a lot of fruit scents give you. I like it.

"Oh, booooook!" Fortune Cookie Soap[Bubblegum, black cherry] I get straight up cherry from this one but I like it!

"Amok! Amok! Amok!" foaming sugar scrub [Caramel corn, buttercream, red apples] Caramel corn is the top note in this one for me. It's not my favorite scent but I am excited to try the product.

"Bubble Bubble I'm In Trouble" bath bomb [limoncello, sour candy] First off, I LOVE the witch hat shape. Secondly, it smells like 7-Up, which I'm a fan of. Super cute.

"Salem" Deodorant [Cotton candy, cucumber, cantaloupe] This is a very muted, light scent. The cantaloupe is what I smell first, followed by a light tough of cucumber. It took a bit for me to pick up on any scent from this one.

"Master" Exfoliating Body Wash [Raspberries, pineapple, watermelon, cotton candy, flowers] This scent is very complex but I think what I pick up on most is the flowers and raspberry...but it has a hint of like a cardboard scent to me, like WI5OSW has the hint of plastic. Maybe it's just me lol.

To sum it all up, Fortune Cookie Soap knocked it out of the park with this collection. We have been asking for it for years and they definitely did it justice. I noticed a trend of bubble gum and cotton candy is collection, so if you are a candy scent lover-be prepared to fall in love!

The fourth Sanderson sister,
Sami Fish

"Goodbye cruel world!"-Winifred Sanderson

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  1. I love this box so much I regret not getting the large one; looking forward to your review on that.