Saturday, November 12, 2016

FCS of the Month Club info

Hey fishies! Yesterday Fortune Cookie Soap released information on a long awaited subscription we have all been asking for. All information in this post is taken straight from the Winter 2016 launch video by Shannon. I am just typing it up in an easy to find format so you guys who may have missed the launch can be as well informed as the rest of us! :)

  • It is called FCS of the Month Club
  • It will contain full size products at 50% off.
  • It is a subscription.
  • It is not a theme so much as a category you would find on the website (Face, soap, etc.)
  • January will be the first one and it's category is "Face"
  • It is meant for you to be able to try products at a discount, and come back later and buy it if you like it.
  • You can skip a month, pause, or cancel yourself. You don't have to contact FCS to do it.
  • It will roll out in December, and ship January 10th. 
  • Each box will have one new product, and if we like the new product it stays permanent.
  • January's face box will have a toner for it's new product.
  • The first month it will launch in small numbers in the VIP group.
Are you guys as excited as I am? Ahh! I can't wait. If you are not already, please subscribe so you can stay up to date and don't miss out on any great information like this! 

-Sami Fish

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