Saturday, November 12, 2016

Fortune Cookie Soap Alternative Uses 2.0

Hey Fortune Cookie Soap lovers! Among the FCS community a topic that is brought up often is unconventional/alternative uses for their products. In April I made my first alternative uses post, and I have been made aware of several other creative solutions so here it is, 2.0! 

Tip #1:
Conditioner bars can be used as a "shave lotion" when you shave your legs.


Tip #2: Hydrate Me's can double as a lightly scented perfume.

Tip #3: Incense Cones and linen spray can be used remove tough smells from your vehicle.

Tip #4: Shampoo bars are amazing for cleaning makeup brushes!. (-Gabriella N.)
Tip #5: Bath tea's can be used in a foot bath to infuse your pedicures with essential oils, sea salt, and oatmeal if you are a shower girl. (-Katie B.)
Tip #6: Hair oil can be used as a makeup primer, but avoid your eyes! (-Flora S.)
Tip #7: Cuticle oil/butter can be used on any dry/rough spots such as elbows, feet, etc. (-Aisha Q.)

Tip #8: Facial cleansing oil can be used to clean dense foundation brushes. (-Megan F.)

Tip #9: You can break bath bombs into smaller pieces to use as mani/pedi bombs.. (-Aisha Q.)
Tip #10: Bath oil being used like shower oil, and bubble bath being used like body wash. Either could be used to shave. (-Brittany K.)
Tip #11: Wax tarts to scent drawers and closets like sachets. Mustache wax to tame eyebrows! (-Allyssa B.)
Tip #12: Wax tarts or just any wax tarts i heard get a little baby food jar take the wrapper off and poker lots of holes in the top and put a few pieces in it and then put it in a spot where it gets hot in your car and that way u have a car air freshener. (-Lisa T.)

Tip #13:  I use the ocd to make my bug bites stop itching! (-Allison A.)
Tip #14: I put perfume oil in my wax warmer as an alternative to wax tarts. (-April A.)

I hope you found these alternative uses helpful! -Sami Fish

-- Please note: These alternative uses are not FCS approved. Most suggestions are submitted by myself and fans of the company. Please be aware any alternative uses are done at your own risk --

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