Wednesday, October 14, 2015

October Ipsy Review

Another unimpressive month for Ipsy. This is the third or fourth bag in a row that was just kind of..."meh." The only product I was super stoked about in this bag legitimately says "Free sample-not for sale" on the back of it. Not cool, Ipsy. Not cool.

First off, the theme this month was "Alter Ego" and shows an image of a woman in conservative makeup and style, and then another image of the same woman rocking a bold blue lip with matching blue eye shadow in a furry coat and pink hair. Thing is...Ipsy didn't even offer any "different" makeup products that would be outside the norm for most people. I got a non-colored lip gloss and a black eye liner...but some of the other products offered were bronze eye shadow, brown brow pencil, a "pinky nude" lip gloss. Whoa there, Ipsy. Don't get too crazy now. (Can you just taste the sarcasm?)

Here is my bag for the month:

  • Mary-Lou Manizer [Technically a free sample, but appx retail value, $1.60] SAMPLE
    • So this is the one product in my bag I was really looking forward to and it is small guys. I mean like, SMALL. The entire sample could be hidden by a dime. Not to mention it says free sample, not for sale on the back-which is kind of shady of Ipsy if you ask me.

    • Ayres hand cream [$1.35] SAMPLE
    • It smells nice and all, but seriously...who do I need to pay off to get Ipsy to stop sending me lotions??

      • Nourish Organic argan face serum [$14.80] SAMPLE
      See statement above but for skincare.

      • Tarte Lipsurgence lipgloss in "Energy" [$3.56] SAMPLE
      The gloss is thick and sticky and colorless. Not a fan.

      • Coastal Scents Xpress liner [$4.95] FULL SIZE
      Not even going to open this one, but I'll share the code I got with you guys. Go to and use the code PENCIL25OFF for 25% off through December 8th.
      Total bag value: $29.26 (with $3 figured in for the bag, which is what they normally sell for)

      Fall Ipsy bags are usually my favorite but these fast few bags have just been dreadful. Not to mention my bag value has gone from $66 in August and steadily declined to $29 now. Tell me what you got this month and how you felt about your Ipsy bag as a whole. I love hearing from you guys, and I hope you had a way better Ipsy month than I did.

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