Saturday, October 24, 2015

Fall Favorites Tag

Hey guys! It's been awhile. My laptop met it's match in the form of my 4lb kitten, RIP laptop. You are missed. But anyways, my favorite Youtuber of all time ever, Shan Shortcake did a "fall favorites tag" created by Jacylyn Hill and I couldn't resist. So here it goes!

Favorite fall candle: I don't actually use candles, I burn wax cubes in my Scentsy warmer so I'll share with you my favorite wax cube scent right now. My favorite smell for fall is Mainway's "Mulled Cider" found at Walmart. It smells non-traditionally fall. I love it.

Favorite lip color: Color Pop's Ultra Matte in the shade "Midi." I adore this shade. It's a perfect nude and for only $6...get out of my face right now. Amazing.

Favorite drink: This one is kind of boring since I'm enduring a "healthy life style change" but I've been drinking a lot of cranberry grape juice. It has a fall vibe to me without the thousands of calories I would tack on with my normal fall favorites.

Favorite fall blush: Another Colour Pop's in the shade "Prenup". I haven't worn anything else since in about a month. It's a plum pink, perfect for us pale girls! (Say that three times fast)

Favorite clothing item: Hands down, my light wash denim shirt. The first time I feel a cool breeze, my denim shirt, black leggings, and boots come out and are a staple in my fall wardrobe. 

Favorite fall movie: Hocus Pocus! This movie is my childhood. "Another glorious morning...makes me SICK!" Winifred is my spirit animal. 

Favorite fall tv show: A thousand times...WALKING DEAD. Darryl Dixon...motorcycle...I'm just saying. YES. 

Favorite Thanksgiving food: My Mom's dressing. No one makes it like Mom. 

Favorite Halloween Costume: A couple years ago, my husband and I dressed up as "Zombie Scene Kids" (a nod to "The scene is dead") It was pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.

So that's it for the fall favorites tag. Comment below your fall favorites in the format listed (AND make sure you are following the blog) and I will choose a winner November 1st to get a surprise package of some of my fall favorites! Good luck cupcakes and happy fall yall!

Favorite fall candle:
Favorite lip color:
Favorite drink:
Favorite fall blush:
Favorite clothing item:
Favorite fall movie:
Favorite fall tv show:
Favorite Thanksgiving food:
Favorite Halloween costume:

-Sammi Cupcake


  1. Favorite fall candle: McIntosh by Yankee
    Favorite lip color: Baci by Stila, loving the grey nudes
    Favorite drink: Sweet tea year around since I have up carbonation
    Favorite fall blush: Since I lack many options, the So Susan universal blush we received in a sub.
    Favorite clothing item: Definitely my knee high brown boots.
    Favorite fall movie: Corpse Bride, it didn't received nearly enough praise.
    Favorite fall tv show: The Voice, Adam Levine pre baldness!
    Favorite Thanksgiving food: Turkey, which is usually left over since I tend to work that holiday yearly.
    Favorite Halloween costume: Another holiday I've been working, probably my Hogwarts student costume. Non skimpy version.

    I've also never followed our commented on bbq one of these so I don't know if I filled correctly:/

  2. Favorite fall candle: pine
    Favorite lip color: burgundy
    Favorite drink: chocolate milk
    Favorite fall blush: burgundy
    Favorite clothing item: comfy sweater
    Favorite fall movie: Halloween town
    Favorite fall tv show: American horror story
    Favorite Thanksgiving food: green bean casserole
    Favorite Halloween costume: the wicked witch

  3. Favorite Candle: Everything Nice by Scentsy
    Favorite Lip Color: Colourpop Trap
    Favorite Drink: Iced White Chocolate Mocha
    Favorite Blush: Milani Luminoso
    Favorite Clothing Item: flannel shirts
    Favorite Fall Movie: don't have one
    Favorite Fall TV Show: American Horror Story!
    Favorite Thanksgiving Food: pumpkin bread
    Favorite Halloween Costume: bumble bee costume I made myself

  4. Favorite fall candle: B&BW Boathouse Row
    Favorite lip color: I don't really like wearing lip color, so I've been loving FCS Selfie Stick lip balm
    Favorite drink: Dunkin Donuts caramel iced coffee
    Favorite fall blush: Tarte airblush maracuja blush in shimmering peach
    Favorite clothing item: My 'sweater jacket' as I call it from Target
    Favorite fall movie: I have to say it's Hocus Pocus too
    Favorite fall tv show: I'm really loving Quantico
    Favorite Thanksgiving food: I love baked sweet potatoes
    Favorite Halloween costume: I don't dress up but I love trying to dress my big dogs-this year it's the triceratops 'hat' that I've seen Doug the Pug in

  5. Winner will be announced this Friday! **Contest closed**