Monday, June 8, 2015

Ultimate Straight//Influenster Review

I got my first ever Influenster box in the mail today, and was chosen to test Loreal Paris' new hair care line, "Ultimate Straight." Being that it was hair washing day anyways, I decided to give them a try. Below are the instructions straight off the bottles that I followed.

[Shampoo] Massage into wet hair, lather, and rise.
[Pre-Conditioner] Apply evenly through hair, leave on for one minute. DO NOT RINSE.
[Conditioner] Apply on top of pre-conditioner. Leave on for 1-3 minutes. Rinse.
[Perfecting Balm] Apply a dime size amount onto damp hair, spreading from root to tip.

I followed all the steps, fully expecting to have to wash my hair again because let's be honest...that's a lot of conditioning and my hair is very picky with products. I followed my usual routine, wrapped my hair up in a turbie towel and left it for an hour then applied the perfecting balm and dried and I was pretty surprised how straight my hair was. My hair is straight anyways, but with all my layers they kind of wave and flip out in every direction, but not today! I still had to run a flat iron over it on some parts, but my hair definitely was straighter post shower than normal.

I did a little research for you guys, and the four products in the sizes I received would cost you $19.88. It would probably be worth it if you have naturally unruly hair, but since my hair is pretty straight to begin with, I would not re-purchase these products. I feel the time I saved using my flat iron was spent using the 4 different hair products. 

I hope you enjoyed reading my review on the "Ultimate Straight" products. Let me know your experiences with these products if you happen to try them out :)

**DISCLAIMER: I received these products complimentary from Avon for testing purposes, however you can trust that I have given my 100% honest opinion. -SC**

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