Thursday, June 25, 2015

Sunburn Relief

Ever have a day out in the sun and forget the sunscreen? Happened to me. Luckily for you (and me) I found a solution!

I went to a family BBQ on Sunday and came home looking like I had been BBQ'd myself. I had some "Afternoon Delight" aloe me body whip from Fortune Cookie Soap in the refrigerator where one of their customers had told me to keep it, in case of situations like this. I had my husband apply it to my back before bed for three nights. By Thursday the sunburn was nearly all the way gone and I hadn't felt any heat or pain from the burn. Consider me sold on this product!

So what is this miracle sun burn cure? According to the Fortune Cookie Soap, it is "An after sun whipped cream that pampers and nourishes your skin after a day in the sun. This summer formula infuses rich, ultra-moisturizing lotion with cooling aloe gel for beautifully smoothed and hydrated skin." 

I definitely give this product 1,000 stars and a zillion thumbs up. This burn could've been such a horrible experience but I didn't go through any of the usual sunburn problems. No peeling. No pain. No hot to the touch skin. Seriously, why are you still reading this? Go buy some.

Click here to visit the Fortune Cookie Soap page and purchase your own! If you spend over $30 and it's your first purchase, using this link will give you $5 off your order. 

**These thoughts are all my own and the product I reviewed was purchased with my own money.**

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