Monday, August 29, 2016

Fortune Cookie Soap Halloween Teasers

Hey guys! If you tuned into the Fortune Cookie Soap fall launch video, you may have noticed quite a few subtle hints from Shannon (Our FCS queen!) about the upcoming Halloween box and a collection! I've carefully re-watched the video to bring all those teasers to you.

(1:13:01) Shannon mentions they saw the poll on the Fortune Cookie Soap fan group asking which "discontinued" products we wanted brought back, in which wax tarts were the top vote. She says they did not see that in time for the fall collection, but there is no problem with them.

(1:13:39) In the video stream, Alyssa B. comments "Chat about wax tarts, we want them back" to which Shannon replies "Alyssa you are going to be very Halloween-ish."

A charcoal cleansing oil was mentioned as well, I'm unsure where it will be introduced.

(1:16:30) A lot of people in the video stream comments ask for Halloween spoilers. Shannon holds up the product featured in the photo and mentioned liquid courage (described as "puffy clouds of cotton candy with sticky raspberries, pineapples, wild watermelon, wrapped in the soft embrace of night blooming flowers")is coming back in the Halloween box.

(1:16:45) Shannon says "So we're going to have the Halloween box, then a separate Halloween collection that is not the same as the box and that will be out the 23rd of September."

(2:00ish) The Halloween collection has 8 scents.

(2:04) There will be a pumpkin lovers collection that is a smaller version of last years "Basic Pumpkin"-all the best things. The bath bomb has changed into a mini bath bomb set, basic white pumpkin, as pictured. This collection will have 4 or 5 products.

(2:10:32) The fall collection will be re-stocked September 9th , another collection is launching with it and Shannon's hint was "Oh hair No." It appears to be an Oh Hair hair gift set, and I definitely saw dry shampoo in there.

(2:15:51)Winter Soap Box hints: Shannon mentions it is wintery and snowy. The product featured in the photo below is a whipped soap and she confirmed the winter theme is NOT Frozen or Game of Thrones.

(2:19:54) Someone asks if grab bags will be brought back and Shannon mentions "Get What You Get" is on the calendar but it depends on stock.

So to sum it all up...

  • Wax tarts will be back sometime during the Halloween season.
  • Liquid Courage will be back for the Hocus Pocus halloween box.
  • There will be a separate Halloween collection launching September 23rd.
  • There is also a Pumpkin collection coming up similar to "Basic Pumpkin" from last year.
  • An "Oh Hair" hair collection is coming.
  • The winter soap box is something wintery and snowy, and contains whipped soap.
I hope this has been helpful for those of you who weren't able to attend the launch or missed out on any of this during it. Anyone else counting down the days til Halloween? Just me...okay. *cough* 63 days *cough*


  1. Thanks I actually watched the whole thing but missed out on so much information with the kids harassing me lol and the video freezing so much.

  2. this was so helpful! thanks Sam!