Thursday, November 12, 2015

"You get what you get" FCS

Fortune Cookie Soap "grab bags"

For the first time ever, Fortune Cookie Soap offered grab bags entitled "Get what ya get," where loyal fans were guaranteed $30 worth of product straight from the shelf for only $10. There was no limit to the amount you could buy, but quantities were limited in the amount they had available for purchase. Because Fortune Cookie Soap has recently become exclusively online, I believe the items offered are odds and ends from previous collections that were sold in their physical store prior to closing.

Surprisingly, the promotion was able to run it's full 48 hour course. Often times Fortune Cookie Soap's promos/collections sell out quickly due to their huge fan base. (Over 54,000 people have "liked" their Facebook page, and their fan group has over 1,000 members.) Their amazing product and limited quantities have created many a "ninja shopper" as it is commonly referred to on their fan group.

So without further delay, let's get into my two "Get what ya get" bags.

Bag one:

Lost Boys body wash, Nature's Chill Pill fortune cookie soap, Windy Bird whipped cream (4 oz), The Captain Aloe Me, Moose Mug cuticle butter, Mele Kalikima OCD (1oz)

Approximate value: $47.10

Bag two:

Raspberry Creme fortune cookie soap, "I'm pleasant damn it!" hair oil, Glitz & Glamour cuticle butter, Scandal body wash, (another) Wendy Bird whipped cream, Porn Stache mustache wax.

Approximate value: $56.20

For a grand total of $103.30 and I only spent $20 on the bags! What a great deal. I am in Fortune Cookie Soap heaven. I really hope we have another chance in the future for some more of these awesome grab bags. Fortune Cookie Soap is great at thinking outside of the box. Oh, and I had to take a picture of this cute lollipop. I mean really...adorable.

-Sammi Cupcake

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