Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Fortune Cookie Soap: Pack Your Bags 2016

Pack Your Bags 2016

Fortune Cookie Soap knocked it out of the park again, but what's new?? This "Pack Your Bags" collection was offered at $19.99 and was comprised of the company itself's favorites from the year. While it is no longer available for purchase, I wanted to share my thoughts with you guys because you can get all of these scents during "CYO" offers! Surprisingly, I had only tried three of the seven scents offered prior to this collection. I think a lot of the scents are very cohesive and I can't wait to use them all together. 

  • FISH FINGERS & CUSTARD Shampoo: [Cake batter, whipped cream, cinnamon sugar] This scent comes to us from the "Man With A Box" collection. It's a yummy bakery scent that smells like raw vanilla cake batter. 
  • COME TO THE DARTH SIDE Conditioner:  [Oatmeal cookie, vanilla bean frosting, honey, almond] Coming from the "May The 4th Be With You" collection, which was described very well by Fortune Cookie Soap in the scent description. It smells like a frosted oatmeal cookie to me. 
  • PUDDIN' Whipped Cream: [Green apple, watermelon] Hailing to us from the "Anti-Heroes" collection, this scent was for sure a fan favorite this year! To me, it smells like sticking your head into a tub of "Double Bubble" gum. SO GOOD. 
  • JANET Shower Oil: - [Grape, watermelon, club soda, vanilla cream] This scent is from one of my favorite themed collections of the year, "Antici...pation". I didn't purchase anything from this collection, despite my love for RHPS, because the scents didn't sound like something I would like but It smells like a sophisticated grape bubble gum scent to me. 
  • F-BOMB Body Wash: [Dragon fruit, mango, pineapple, banana, Japanese grapefruit] I couldn't find the specific collection name for this one, but I know it was like an April Fools collection. It's definitely really fruity with grapefruit being the top note, but I feel like it's well balanced so it's not too tart of a scent. 
  • LIFETIME SUPPLY Perfume Oil: [Melon, jasmine, vanilla] From the hugely popular Willy Wonka collection, this is another scent that was super popular! It's a really pleasant scent that for me, is top heavy with melon. 
  • TIME Deodorant: [Tangerine, salty sea air, jasmine, orange blosson, sage]  This scent comes from the Wonderland collection and I think it was the perfect product choice. This is my first time smelling this scent and I wish I had it in EVERYTHING. It's the perfect citrusy-spring scent.  
What is your favorite scent from the collection? I think "Time" is mine! If any of these scents sound like something you'd be interested in, check back with Fortune Cookie Soap on Friday January 20th at noon for a 48 hour "CYO" whipped cream. You can get any of these yummy scents, or any others you like (including creating your own concoction!), in their fan favorite product, a creamy lotion called whipped cream. See you soon guys! 
-Sami Fish 

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