Thursday, January 12, 2017

FCS Of the Month: January 2016 FACE

Hey fishies! This is the first ever FCS of the Month box. It's from the January 2016 box and is themed "Face." This box was $28 which makes each product about $4.66, you really can't beat that! Let's look into the box!

  • Fruits & Flowers Facial Cleansing Oil: This scent which carries over to several products smells almost like fruity cereal, but more delicate and not overpowering. I really like it! FCS says this product will dissolve makeup and break up dirt. They also say it can double as a makeup remover! 
  • Fruits & Flowers Night Cream: FCS says this one will work while you sleep, providing moisture and reducing the look of your fine lines and wrinkles. I tried a bit on my hand and it melts wonderfully in to the skin. I can't wait to use it on my face tonight!
  • Fruits & Flowers Facial Scrub: This product gently exfoliates your skin to remove imperfections and fine lines while minimizing your pores. I like that FCS went with a creamy base to the scrub so it won't be so rough on sensitive skin. 
  • Fruit & Flowers Toner: Toner basically prepares your skin for your moisturizer, it is like a back up for your facial cleanser! Fortune Cookie Soap also says it can double as a makeup spray. I tried it in that capacity and it felt really refreshing. In this product, the flower part of the fruit and flowers comes out more as well. 
  • Herbal Blemish Stick: The scent in this product smells like a mixture of tea tree oil and peppermint to me. Fortune Cookie Soap says to apply it to blemishes to help cleanse and treat without over-drying.
  • Coconut & Peppermint Lip Scrub: I just get straight up peppermint. FCS says this will exfoliate and moisturize your lips. It's also safe to eat so you can just lick it right off your lips when you're done! 
This box is sold out, but there will be a new box every month. If you'd be interested in signing up, the next available box is March and the theme is "household." CLICK HERE to sign up for that box! I'd also like to say THANK YOU to Fortune Cookie Soap for always listening to us Fortune Freaks and creating an awesome box at an amazing price.

Edited to add: I tried the toner, facial scrub, and night cream and I am UHMAZED. I used the toner as a makeup setting spray and my makeup lasted 9+ hours and looked the same all day as when I applied it. I used the facial scrub and night cream and night and I am really pleased with both. Seriously, if you can get your hands on these products-do!

-Sami Fish

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