Tuesday, June 7, 2016

ColourPop Birthday Boy

Hey fishies. I've been holding off for a little bit on posting this review because I intended it to be my last one for a week or two. Sad panda!

Friday I am having my tonsils removed after years and years of strep, tonsil stones, and basically every tonsil related issue you can image. I am very excited for the procedure to be done and over with, but I have heard nothing but horrid things about adult tonsillectomys so I don't think I'll be in my right mind to blog for a bit. So let's make this last one a good one!

Hey there Birthday Boy! ColourPop releases a limited edition shadow shade every year on their anniversary. Last year we received Birthday Girl, which was a beautiful rose gold. This year we got Birthday Boy, which is perhaps the fraternal twin of Birthday Girl. 

As you can see, the shades are similar but not identical. They are both in the shimmery gold family, but Birthday Girl is a rose gold whereas Birthday Boy would be more in the taupe gold family. I feel like the two are similar enough that if you missed out on Birthday Girl, you'll be content with receiving this year's version! They are both crazy pretty.

I'll see you all in about a week or two, depending on my recovery process and healing time. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers and I will see you all as soon as I am able!

-Sami Fish

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