Wednesday, March 16, 2016

FCS Pure Imagination box review

Fortune Cookie Soap "Pure Imagination" Soap Box review


  • "Everything's Eatable" lip scrub (Candy, fruity, juicy, sweet) This scent is IDENTICAL to Juicy Fruit gum. Like spot on. 
  • "FCS Land" OCD (Tart citrus candy, berries, vanilla) This scent is pretty mild. I'd say the berry and candy smells are the most present. 
  • "Fizzy Lifting" bubble bath (Yummy gummy goodness) I get a mostly citrus vibe from this one.
  • "You're turning violet, Violet!" aloe me (Blueberry bubblegum, violet) I can't stop smelling this one. It's such an interesting, complex scent. It smells like a sophisticated bubble gum scent. I really like it, and you can pick up all the notes mentioned in the scent description.
  • "Invitation Only" bar soap (creamy chocolate, marshmallow, buttercream) One of the cuter products in the box, it looks and smells just like a yummy chocolate bar!
  • "Grandpa Joe" incense cones (Tobacco, brown sugar, tonka bean) I really like this one. It's very reminiscent of "American Royalty."
  • "Everlasting" solid bubble bath (lollipops, lemon lime soda) Fresh lemon is the top note in this scent for me. It's definitely very spring and very fresh.
  • "I Want It Now" shower steamer (Toffee caramel, brat meringue, sea salt, nuts) This is a very different scent than I've seen FCS do in shower steamers. It smells like a coffee shop. Very yummy.
  • "Sugar Pits" deodorant (watermelon, strawberry, cherry, peaches, pink bubblegum) This smells like watermelon bubble gum to me. It's a very cute scent and my daughter will LOVE IT.
  • "Liquor is Quicker" shower oil (pulled taffy, sea salt) I wasn't sure what to expect with this one, but it's a mild lemon lime scent with a hint of candy. I think this one will be pretty universally liked. 
  • "Lifetime Supply" eau de parfum (candied melons, jasmine, vanilla) Melon is the top kind of reminds me of scent your shampoo would be in. This will be a fan favorite for sure. 

This box is seriously THE CUTEST. It's Willy Wonka themed, if you didn't catch that. The collection is very wearable together which I love. It's perfect for spring and it came with this super cute surprise! 

Way to go, Fortune Cookie Soap, another big hit! If you got this box, let me know what you think! Until next time...

-Sami Fish

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