Thursday, May 21, 2015


So in the last week, Shopkins has come up on videos I'm watching or posts I'm reading three times. My first thought was that it was silly and expensive for 2 little plastic toys, but I have a seven year old and the time is quickly approaching that I will no longer be the coolest person she knows, so I decided not only could I share my thoughts with you guys...but I could start something with my baby girl that we can both enjoy.

I started out our collection by buying two containers of Shopkins, so in case it wasn't something she would be interested in we wouldn't be out a lot. Here is what they look like:

My daughter came home from school and I told her I had a surprise for her, and asked if she had heard of "Shopkins," she said no. I showed her these and she said "Wow! Can we open them??" So we tore into them like it was Christmas morning. We ended up with these guys:

We got from left to right... Carrie Carrot Cake (rare), Pecanna Pie (rare), Silly Chilli (common), and Yummy Gum (common). Pretty cute, and they come in this tiny little shopping cart.

I paid $2.88 each for them, and we got 2 rare right off the bat, so I'm pretty excited for the next time we go to the store to get some more. I hope you enjoyed this review. Do any of you collect Shopkins with your kids, or just for yourself? Let me know down below in the comments!

Cupcakes, Vodka, and hakuna matata...

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