Thursday, May 21, 2015

Fortune Cookie Summer Soap Box 2015

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR, Fortune Cookie Soap! This summer box made me ten different kinds of giddy, and at least two are illegal. Seriously though, as soon as I saw it in my mail box I tore it open and sat in my car smelling things for an amount of time I am unwilling to specify. 

So let's talk about what makes it so UH-MAZING. First of all, the theme. "Straight On Till Morning"...or for those of you not worried about copyright issues, Peter Pan! Secondly, the newly introduced products! There were two new, never before seen products in this box, the deodorant and the salt scrub. Third, the smells! They are SO summery...the overall smell can only be described as a pina-colada and a margarita got drunk and had a love child called the summer soap box!

This box came with eight products. Let's break it down.

Second star to the right fortune cookie soap
[Crushed berries, mint, pomelo, sugar] Hands down the most eye catching item in the box, this mint berry scented Galaxy soap is nothing short of soap art. 

Mermaid Lagoon Perfume Oil (...Them beaches!)
This product is pretty much straight coconut, almost like you'd expect from a tanning oil. It has a really neat appearance (I won't spoil the surprise on this one!) and is definitely a fresh summer scent. I love that it's no longer a roller ball too!

Wendy Bird Deodorant
[Green apple, tropical twist]

As I mentioned above, this is a new product so that's exciting! It smells like apple, specifically like a green apple shampoo I used to use. It doesn't contain antiperspirant however so I wouldn't trust this to fight the fight against B.O. but I, along with a lot of other PR box winners, will be giving this to our daughters to begin teaching hygiene. WIN!

Tink-OCD Hand Sanitizer
[Cherry, cream, coconut, powdered sugar]

This smells heavily of coconut with hints of cherry. It's lime green with micro-glitter, and will without a doubt be my most used product in this box. It smells favorite scent of the collection!

The Boy Who Never Grew Up-Salt Scrub
[Tropical margarita]
This ones scent description is pretty well spot on. Margarita, and it even has salt on the rim of the container. SO cute. Now on to the more pressing issue, what am I supposed to be scrubbing with this? Erm...

Lost Boys Whipped Cream
[Apricot, white peaches]
I get predominately peach from this one, making it my least favorite scent of the collection. However, their whipped creams texture and hydration capabilities are so amazing I would probably use a garbage scented whipped cream from them. #keepingitreal #Noshame

The Captain-Steam Me Up Scotty
[Magnolias, wild berry, fresh cream]
While I find these the most useless products Fortune Cookie Soap makes, it does smell really nice. It's very floral. 

Kiss-lip balm
[Watermelon, pineapple, coconut, citrus juices]
The smell of this lip balm is very faint. The description card says it says 4 different scents in it but honestly I can't pick up on even one directly. It tastes like grapefruit though. 

Before I end this unboxing/review, I did want to thank Fortune Cookie Soap for giving me the opportunity to do an early review of this box. I'm a huge fan. I also wanted to tell any of my readers how to get this box or shop their store for other items you may love! This box is a seasonal subscription box which costs $19.99 and you get a $10 coupon to use in their store. (Basically making the box $9.99). If you don't want to do a subscription, the online store is still amazing! You can buy full size things individually from current and past collections. Believe me, you'll be a Fortune Cookie Freak before long like the rest of us! :) Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go smell all the things again.

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Sammi Cupcake

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