Thursday, April 13, 2017

April FCS of the month box

April FCS of the Month box

Hey cupcakes! This is just going to be a quick look at the April FCS of the month box. The theme this month is "Shower." Honestly, I wish I would've paused this month, as a lot of the scents and products aren't for me, but they are SUPER cute and there's a couple I'll get some use out of. I'm not really a fruity/citrus person, but if you are, you'll love this box!

Here are the products:

  • Eat Me shower oil
  • Don't Drink Me shower jelly
  • Pool Party body wash infused sponge
  • Poisonous Fog shower steamer
  • Honey Dew Me shave oil
  • Tink solid sugar scrub
  • Bravery deep conditioner 
I know I'll for sure use the Tink solid sugar scrub (one of my top 10 favorite scents!) and Bravery deep conditioner. I have one of those about half way used in my shower currently. Fortune Cookie Soap deep conditioners are LIFE. I like the scent "Honey Dew Me" but I don't use the shave oils. The rest of the items I'll probably trade/sell/gift. 

If you got this box, what item is your favorite? I'm most excited about Tink. 

-Sammi Cupcake

P.S. When my mail man delivered this box he told me "I don't know what you have in here but I've been smelling it all day. It smells amazing!" 

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