Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Fortune Cookie Soap Summer 2016 Soap Box

Fortune Cookie Soap

 Just Keep Swimming 

Summer 2016

AHHH...Fortune Cookie Soap Box review time! I can hardly make myself wait to get in the door to tear open the box and this one has most definitely been worth the wait!  The one we'll be reviewing today is Summer 2016, themed "Just Keep Swimming."  This subscription box retails for $19.99, shipping included, and comes with a $10 gift code. Unlike monthly subscription boxes, this one is sent out seasonally, and includes between 8-10 sample products that will be featured in their launch.

Shark Bait-Fortune Cookie Soap (oranges, vanilla ice cream, sandalwood, strawberry)
Two words. SO. GOOD. It's like a sophisticated creamsicle with a pop of fruitiness. You guys are going to die for this one. By the way, my fortune reads "Gimme some fin." Cute!

Lil' Blue-OCD Hand Sanitizer (Pear, apples, plum blossom, sandalwood, amber)
Lil' Blue is a very fresh smell that would be a great perfume oil. Sandalwood and amber are the top notes but you definitely get the hint of non-traditional fruitiness. 

INTERVENTION!-Whipped Cream (Coconut milk, pineapple, island breeze)
Intervention is by leaps and bounds my favorite scent of the box, and probably in my top 10 all time favorite FCS scents. It's like a coconut and pineapple milk shake. The product card jokes that "FCS products are for your skin, not your mouth" which is a good reminder because this absolutely smells good enough to eat!

Whale Talk-Perfume Oil (Strawberries, black currant, jasmine, grapefruit, avocado )
Grapefruit, jasmine, and black currant are the top notes in this scent to me. It's a very complex, heavy fragrance that smells expensive.  I'm sure will be a lot of people's favorite.

Jellyman-Don't Be Jelly Soap (Black cherry, watermelon, guava nectar, strawberry, key lime) All of the fragrances blend together so beautifully, I can't pick a headliner. All I can say is that it is fruity goodness!

Aqua Scum-Spray Lotion (lychee, apple, peach nectar)
While I don't exactly know what a lychee smells like, I assume that is the top note in this scent, followed by apple and little to no detectable peach nectar. The product is very moisturizing and the scent is very unique and pleasant to the nose.

Oooooooooh...Barracuda-Lip Gloss (cantaloupe, green honeydew, watermelon, lime, raw cane sugar )
I believe this is the first lip gloss we've received packaged this way and it is straight watermelon yumminess! The scent is a perfect choice for summer!

Fin. Noggin. Duuude.-Pedi-Bomb (Lemon fizzy pop, orchid, white chocolate)
My poor turtle didn't survive the trip :( but it's 7-up with a hint of white chocolate floating in the background. It shouldn't work but it so does.

If you subscribe to this box, comment and tell me which scent was your favorite! Intervention! (the whipped cream) and Shark Bait (Fortune Cookie Soap) are the scents I love the most, but the collections scents as a whole are so cohesive.

Unfortunately this soap box is sold out, as Fortune Cookie Soap is such a fast growing business; however if any of those scents sound like something you would enjoy, visit their on Friday, May 20th at 6pm CST for the launch of this collection.

--This soap box was provided to me free of charge for my unbiased, honest review.--

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