Sunday, December 6, 2015

FCS 12 days of Christmas unboxing [SPOILERS]

Hey guys, my Fortune Cookie Soap 12 days of soap box came in today and I just couldn't wait until December 14th to open it all! So warning to you all...this post is nothing but spoilers! But for those of you who didn't order the box or have no patience like me...enjoy!!

Now let's tear into this amazing Nightmare Before Christmas themed box! As you can see, each day was wrapped SUPER CUTE so if you did want to use the box as intended, each day remains a surprise!

The scents chosen for this box are found on the scent card below:

And here is a shot of all the products unwrapped! What an amazing value. If my memory serves me correctly, the box was $49.99 including free shipping, a FCS t-shirt, AND a $10.00 discount code to be used in their e-store. That makes each product only about $2.77. can't beat that deal.

Let's start where you would if you were going day by day, with December 14 and 15.

Dec. 14th:
"Christmas Town" perfume oil. This is in my top two favourite scents of the box. Patchouli is definitely the predominate note, but you can absolutely smell the "Christmas tree floating around in the background.

Dec. 15th:
"Oogie Boogie" fortune cookie soap. I've had this scent in an OCD before, but in the soap it is so much more sophisticated. The cinnamon isn't as present, and it just smells like yummy winter berries.

Dec. 16th:
"Halloween Town" whipped cream. This is a very cute fragrance for Halloween town, because it smells as if you stuck your head in a trick or treat bag at the end of Halloween. It's very sweet and the bubble gum is the top note.

Dec. 17th:
"Lock, Shock, and Barrel" personal space. This one is another of my favorite scents from the box. It's a very mature Christmas smell. Like your pine scented air freshener grew up to become a successful business air freshener. haha

Dec. 18th:
"Sally" bubble bath. A very light, airy fragrance, reminiscent of the very Sally herself. I can't pick out any top notes but it does smell really calming and light.

Dec. 19th:
"Sandy Claws" salve. It smells like a drink you would get at a fancy coffee shop. The foodies will love it, but I'm not too keen on the scent or product in this one.

Dec. 20th:
"Jack" bath bomb. I have never smelled "Jack" before, but this product is TOO CUTE and the scent is really pleasant. The menthol, lemon, cranberries, and moss work very well together.

Dec. 21st:
"Thanksgiving Town" hair oil. This smells like a dessert that I would definitely eat too much of. If you didn't know what you were smelling, your mind would paint a picture of a yummy cake sitting in front of you.

Dec. 22nd:
"What's This?" lip scrub. This is not a scent I would normally reach for, but I think in the lip scrub it works. I get pear flavored bubble gum out of it.

Dec. 23rd:
"Easter Town" OCD. This one is almost sickeningly sweet. It's very close to another fragrance called "Sugar High" but with a hint of black licorice.

Dec. 24th:
"Zero" dry shampoo. I ADORE this scent, unfortunately FCS dry shampoos do not work well with my hair. I never thought peppermint and pumpkin would work well together, but this product left me with zero doubts. Get it?? Zero...cause it's the product name...and...I'll see myself out.

Dec. 25th:
THE SHIRT! Oh my gosh you guys, this shirt is seriously the cutest. It features Jack holding a fortune cookie soap with the company name above it. I can already tell, I'm going to wear this shirt entirely too much. lol

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-Sammi Cupcake